Raritan  Stamps, Inc. is an Philatelic Auction House and Dealers 
	in Worldwide stamps and postal history. Raritan Stamps, Inc. conducts quarterly Stamp Auctions with about 1500 lots of 
	rare stamps and covers.

Raritan Stamps, Inc.

Raritan Stamps, Inc.

International Philatelic Auction House.

Live Auction Entrance

Auction #81 will be held on March 21-23, 2019

The Live Auction will be accessible for you to try to log in one week before the Live Auction.

At that time you will able to check if your registered E-mail and Password work.

You can access the ACTUAL Live Auction
30 minutes prior to the start
on 2019-3-21 according the Schedule.

Live Bidding Auction Schedule

March 21 , 2019

11:00 AM 5:00 PM

Lots # 1 – 480
The "Galychanka" Collection of Western Ukraine, USA, Great Britain and British Commonwealth, Countries of the World (Armenia to Burundi)

March 22 , 2019

11:00 AM 5:00 PM

Lots #481 - 936
Cambodia, Collection of Carpatho-Ukraine, Central Lithuania, China, Countries of the World (Colombia to Israel), Italy and Italian Colonies Collections, Countries of the World (Korea to Portuguese Colonies), Imperial Russia

March 23 , 2019

10:00 AM 5:00 PM

Lots #937 - 1469
The Michael Pipe Collection of RSFSR Issues, Soviet Union and Modern Issues of Russian Federation, Russian Semi-Postal, Air Post, Philatelic Exchange Tax, Non-Postal Stamps, Russian Offices Abroad, Civil War Local issues, Russian Zemstvo, Saudi Arabia, Tannu Tuva, Ukraine, Vietnam, United Arab Emirates, Worldwide Topical Issues and Yugoslavia

Live Bidding Auction Software

Dear friends, welcome to our web-based interactive bidding system.

It is designed to provide a Live Internet Auction and interact with phone lines and preliminary bids.

Due to the differences in the computer systems and other technical issues, some difficulties can occur.

If you would like to bid on a specific lot, you may call us at 732-422-2124 to speak to a representative and place a bid

Raritan Stamps, Inc.